LV Zipper Pull Replacement?

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  1. Is it possble to get your zipper pull replaced? Mine is starting to get tarnished and the gold color is starting to "rub off" by the zipper.
  2. I'm sure you could, i'd like 1-866 or your local lv store :smile:
  3. Yup, you definitely can. My mom had hers replaced in her Speedy 30 back in the 90's because it was sticking. Just go in and ask them about it, I'm sure you can have it replaced for tarnishing too.
  4. I had a missing zipper pull replaced for $35. I believe you can get pretty much anything but the main fabric of the bag replaced if the bag isn't too old. 'Services' on the website has quite a lot of information on repair work.
  5. fo course. that is the first thing i did when i got my speedy 30, it was used and loose on the tab. just bring it in. it was free.
  6. thanks for the info tPFers