LV Zipped Purse or Zippy Organizer?

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  1. LVZippyOrganizer580.jpeg


    Anyone have or have a preference? Does it get bulky and out of shape when putting lots of receipts, etc.?

    Or should I just stick to the Port-Tresor...
  2. I have it and love it!! I really don't keep it zipped unless I happen to carry it on its own. I overstuff any wallet but this one has been great-- no shape loss either...
  3. The zipped purse is $420 and dims are 7.5" L x 4" H

    The zippy organizer is $580 and dims are
    8.2" L x 4.5" H x 0.8" W

    Which do you have? Do you know if either comes in Epi?
  4. They actually added a "Zippy Wallet" in the new arrivals at Elux today. Same concept as the "Zippy Organzier" but a bit smaller. About $50 cheaper too. I've had both the Zipped Purse & the Zippy Organizer. Loved them both. It just depends on how much stuff you like to carry . The organizer was huge. The Zipper purse was probably my favorite though.
  5. zippy!!:yes:
  6. Zippy Purse
  7. whichever one has more credit card slots
  8. Okay! those of you who own the zippy organizer is it too cumbersome to carry or is it just what you need to scale down and keep everything together?
  9. I have the zipped purse. It only has 2 credit card slots. Now they have on Elux one called the zippy wallet (not organizer, that's a differnent one) and it has lots of credit card slots and it's only a little more than the zipped purse!!! I love it by the way. It never gets fat.
  10. I just got a zippy organizer this weekend... I'm thinking about returning it, but the canvas just feels so nice, I might just keep it for that.
  11. Zippy.
  12. Zippy!!! LOVE IT!!!:love:
  13. totally agree