LV zcp zippy in empreinte, cherry and taupe

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  1. Hello everybody!

    I just got a zippy in epi, but I want to go back to the store and change it to the empreinte one. I'm just not feeling the epi. Before I make the drive however I wanted to see some pictures of the empreinte in taupe and cherry (which just looks like red to me on the website) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458596035.245656.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458596047.929988.jpg ! I'm deciding between these two. Does anybody on here have some mod shots?! I googled before but couldn't find any of these two.. Plenty of the Dahlia colored one though... Many thanks and much appreciated!!
  2. I don't have the wallet, but have other pieces in those colors. Hope this helps!

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  3. I don't have either of these, but I think both colors are beautiful, timeless shades. It all depends on whether you want to stay more neutral or prefer a "pop" of color. Red can be considered a neutral also. It's really personal preference, I think. Good luck choosing!
  4. Gorgeous bag and wallet!
  5. with SLGs i always goes with pop of color. my empreinte key pouch is in Cherry and its not a true red but a red orange. Very pretty IRL.
  6. Cherry!
  7. I would go with a darker color for an empreinte SLG. Since it's handled more than a handbag, you risk the oils from your hands making it look dingy. I vote cherry!
  8. Stunning combination!

    OP - I vote cherry for zcp. Good luck deciding and please post a reveal when you get it.
  9. Thanks everybody Havanese and Poodlemom! Stunning combo btw. I think I'll opt for the cherry then. Wouldn't want any hand oils or visible marks, which will happen more to lighter colors indeed.. Will do a reveal for sure!
  10. Thanks!
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