Lv Your Speedy Pictures!!come And Join!!

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  1. :nuts:Hi everybody!!
    I was wondering.... does anybody of you have a (crazy:yahoo:)collection of LV HL,and speedy 25,30,35,40??Monogram,multicolor,epi or damier it's the same but all the dimensions of the speedies:drool:?!
    I'd looooove to see your pictures of them:heart:!!

    p.s. sorry for my english...:rolleyes::cursing::angel:
  2. i wsh i had 20 speedys! i only have cerises, speedy 35 and multicolor.
  3. Hi there, we have quite a few threads about speedies - but here is one that definitely has speedies of all sizes.

    Also, doing a search will find you some more speedy pictures ! :graucho:

    Here's another one that's just started off with PF-ers modelling them -
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.