LV you missed out on Ebay or at the Store

  1. Hi, do you ever remeber something you didnt buy but you should have ? :sad: I keep remebering things that I have saw on eBay in the past when not really knowing much about LV prices and not having the money to buy the item at the time etc and not buying them. What have you missed out on ?...heres my list:
    • Bronze Vernis Cles, new in box with dustbag on eBay for approx $200 buy it now
    • vernis Mercer keepall New on eBay buy it now for approx $600
    • getting something Graffiti from the LV store (I wished I was as into LV then as Iam now)
    • Panda Cles when it 1st came out, it had been used once (I didnt know what it was at the time) and I saw one on Ebay that went off for approx $100
    • getting a graffiti scarf on ebay when they were on cheap
  2. not buying anything and everything i could have when i was in europe both times!!! what was i thinking?!?!
  3. Theda :crybaby:
  4. I thought of starting this thread a while ago when I missed a couple of great deals, thanks for doing it Socialite so I can ***** and moan :lol:

    - a bronze lexington mint condition 200
    - epi speedy 300
    ...and so many more :crybaby:
  5. LOL I hate missing out on anything vernis at great prices :cursing:
  6. It was the Mizi.....but I GOT it!! :yahoo: Should be here next week!! I guess also the Graffiti Speedy in white!!
  7. Men's leather good from F/W 2004. All I got was business card case...TEAR TEAR!!!
  8. Sac Femoir Vienna such a tdf purse...:love:
  9. Hmmmm....

    Bastille with leather strap
    Khaki Green Graffiti Keepall
  10. A silver graffiti speedy for $1200....I blinked and it was gone.

    I keep missing out on cerises rondes & panda rondes (they would complete my collection but too much money on ebay right now).
  11. I want a Millenium bracelet...I haven't seen them IRL or on ebay...just pics...
  12. Lilac jasmin~ just a week ago...I was tapped out :crybaby:
  13. Epi Green Keepall 55 for $600 BIN -- DUH
  14. Cherry Blossom pieces, Aubergine Vienna Mizi, Robert Wilson pieces and the Graffiti pieces.
  15. Anything and everything Graffiti :sad: