LV & yoga

  1. My mum has a passion for yoga.
    Her birthday is near... I remember LV made some bags for yoga... I think they are in epi leather, but i cannot find them on the site.
    I'm wrong, or do they exist?
  2. they were discontinued but I saw one in Paris so try calling the help line to see if they can locate one for you
  3. Oh, I'm interested! Does anyone have any pictures of this bag?
  4. I think it's called Dhanura GM and comes with a yoga thing (lol, don't know the english word right now, those flat thingies you do your exercises on) :p .... It's def. In one of my catalogues :yes: I'll let you know the exact name and item number when I get home :yes:
  5. ^ Yoga Mat
  6. That would be wonderful! Thanks so much for your help.
  7. haha, lol, the German word is "Matte" and I kept thinking "Yoga Mat?!?! ... naw, that's to similar" :roflmfao:

    The bag is really called Dhanura GM :yes: It measures 58cm x 17cm x 21cm (23" x 7" x 8.3") and came in noir/black (M58902), moka (M5890D) and mandarine (M5890H). The mat is included. I tried taking a picture but my cam just died on me. I will add one for you tomorrow.
  8. I love LV & I love yoga!!! Gosh darnit...wouldn't this be a treat! I love guys always find more ways for me to justify buying more LV!
  9. check out ... I thought I saw it there a couple days ago. hopefully their site will be fixed soon though. they were down this weekend.