LV x Richard Prince S/S 2008

  1. (Extracted from Taiwanese newspaper, no price set yet)

    **Limited Edition**

    Monogram Watercolor Papillon

    Monogram Jokes



    Nothing catches my eyes so far.... :angel:
  2. I kinda like the frame-top bags, but they are a bit out-there.
  3. I *kind of* like the first 2 and the last one...kind of. thanks for sharing!
  4. Weird. And I wouldn't want jokes on my bag. :push:
  5. Thanks for putting the pics up...but yup nothing really "wowed" me. But that's me.
  6. Nothing for me too.
  7. :drool::drool:

    Every time I see this, my heart skips a beat :heart:
  8. I really like the "Matisee" print and the last bag- the "jokes" line looks way overdone though.
  9. I love the Matisse... I hope it comes in a different color. I would SO buy that :smile:
  10. second one is cute. the rest are.. um.. interesting
  11. The "Jokes" bags would be SO much better if they didn't have the jokes on them... the colors look amazing.
  12. the matisse bag looks like a fun summer bag
  13. Thanks for the nice pics. I like the Joke bag and maybe the Matisse (looks like inspired by the painter) but wonder who designed them, RP?

    DD, can you spot the Damier Lune bags on the first pic. :smile:
  14. For display YES! but not on my arms..
  15. I don't get the Monogram Joke either. No offence to anyone who does like it, I get that some people do like it, but to me it just looks really tacky?
    The first one is kinda cute but would be nicer if it didn't have the "Speedy" written on it. JMHO.