LV Work/Professional Bags

  1. Does anyone use the Cabas Mezzo for work, business, or professional use? Is it too unstructured or casual-looking for business use?

    On the other hand, just curious... what do you all use for work, business, or professional use?
  2. I don't own a Mezzo, but I use a Sac Plat for work/business.
  3. I think the Manhattan will look great for work! Both GM and PM.
  4. I have the broadway messenger bag for my "work bag"
  5. I like the Serviette Conseiller style in Epi, or if it were ever possible, Monogram Glacé (discontinued material now :sad:)
  6. I use my Manhattan GM quite a bit for work.
  7. Going back to the Serviette Conseiller comment I made, I was looking at one on La Perle

    After doing a Google search though, I realized that although the site looks pretty real, it's actually pretty fake. They even do the vidéo previews that one normally finds on

    It seems they have some deal going on with another known faker site,

    Anyways, thought I'd share! Now :back2topic:
  8. I use a Damier Saleya GM. It's very large, but I travel for business so it serves as a carry-on, laptop bag, and briefcase all in one.

    I love it.
  9. I use a Damier Parioli to work. It's a perfect size with easy access magnetic closure....I love it.
  10. LH and PH
  11. i think the BH and the PH are great work bags
  12. I have a separate laptop briefcase (black nylon Tumi) for laptop and documents, so I carry any of my LVs to work: Speedy, cabas piano or saleya PM.
  13. I use the BH for work.
  14. I use my monogram Cabas Alto for work. It's perfect for holding files along with my personal stuff. Hubby uses the Abbesses for work. :smile:
  15. I use a 06 Black Balenciaga Shopping for my work tote - it's huge and flexible so it fits my lunch, shoes, and personal articles. Plus it's a little less obvious than LV IMO.