LV Work bag... Suggestions???

  1. I need a new bag for work. Nothing too big, but I need something to hold folders, files, etc. I was thinking of the new horizontal lockit. What are your takes? Any other suggestions? I was in the store for an hour trying on different bags, but I still cant decide.... HELP! My budget is around $1000.
  2. what about an alma?
  3. i suggest the Sac Plat in Damier ($945) or Epi ($1040). they're definitely big enough for documents and similar-sized files/folders :yes:. plus they look so professional :love:! i want to get one when i get my first job:cutesy:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. What about abbesses? It's $1070.

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  5. i use my VAVIN GM orr my damier sac plat, when i go to school, the sac plat can hold more than it looks!
  6. I like the look of the Sac and Vavin, clean and simple (i have the smaller vavin already) but they don't zip. And I would be worried stuff will fall out... which I don't like about my vavin pm.

    I wanted something I could carry both on my shoulder and hands with out it being too long...

    any opinions about the lockits? I know its similary to the alma, but that's too small
  7. You might want to consider either the Epi or Damier Sac Plat. However, personally I'm lusting for a Damier Venice GM but that's out of stock in SG currently... :'(
  8. I think a Horizontal Lockit is would be excellent for work.:flowers:
  9. I wonder whether the horizontal lockit is big enough to hold files. It seemed more like a purse to me.
  10. How about a Cabas Mezzo! It has a zipper top, and is plenty big.
  11. I love my Damier's perfect for files, lap top, agenda etc.....Ive tried all different types of bags, but this one is meant to be a "work bag" so to say and I love how it has a long strap as well as a handle, it's very convenient for a busy work day and takes a good beating to!
  12. The Lockit Horizontal is huge - I saw it in the store last week. Measurements are 17.3" x 12.2" x 5.1" - plenty big enough for files and stuff - and it's the only Lockit that fits on your shoulder. If you want something that zips, that's probably your best bet.

    If you don't mind it not zipping, I'd suggest the BH.
  13. did you check out the damier chelsea. its large and holds much .......
    I'm leary of naked vachetta for everyday use.
    The dark brown on the chelsea is wonderful and worry free! I think it has alot of 'CLASS' and not everyon is walking around with one.