lv @ woodbury commons

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  1. ok, so we're at the table eating and this girl, family member of my bf states that her friend got her lv wristlet at woodbury commons last year and that she paid like $20 for it and i was like wtf, no way. first there isn't a lv outlet, never was (right?) and for $20 that's crazy. can please someone confirm this?

    i can't believe what got over me anyways lol its like i gave her a face like "um nooo incorrect" i just felt like an idiot bc she's like no hers is real and she said she got it at the outlet. i get so defensive sometimes when ppl think they're right and their not, well im pretty sure in this case there isn't any bc i've known bout lv in quite awhile and always knew there was never no outlets. but how can u tell someone there isn't and they believe you, i don't think there is a way, is there? also wen i tell them im very educated on it, at least fakes, and that im part of a community, they look at me weird lol
  2. No LV outlet... ever
  3. no outlet
  4. exactly what i thought, thanks all.

    she tried to make it seem like i didn't kno what i was talkn bout lol
  5. People are nuts for trying to tell us, LV fans, about how they bought their bags at an "LV outlet." I try not to be too mean but I ask a rash of questions. Eventually they give up and say something like, "well I'm not sure because someone bought it for me."
  6. Sounds an excuse for a fake.
  7. Though she was being rude to you about it, you have to know it was because she was defensive over her FAKE!!! :p Poor girl didn't even know who she was talking to...:graucho:
  8. LV does not do outlets, ever! YOu can tell them that the only thing you can buy at LV for 20 bucks is a catalogue! and that is only if they still have them in stock!LOL
  9. AHhhh that's so annoying. I hate when people swear to you that something is real and they got it for a ridiculously low price when it's imposssssssible. GRR! lol I feel your frustration

  10. Believe it or not they do have something cheaper then $20.00. A pack of plastic inserts for the credit card holder are only $5.00. I bought an extra pack when I bought my DH his credit card holder because I could not believe how cheap they were. And they are really good quality.
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  11. shoot, i didn't even kno about the sticky notes lol thanks rebecca!

    now if i can purchase the agenda first lol
  12. Lol you're welcome!
    Get them even though you don't have an agenda. :graucho:
  13. yup no lv outlets -