LV won't send me my Mirage Speedy...Waaah!!!

  1. I travel a lot for business and when I waitlisted for the Mirage Speedy I knew I would be out of town when it was released. I got the call and gave the Store Manager my Credit Card info and the address of the place that I am working. I got a call later and they said that they couldn't send the bag to anywhere but the biling address on my credit card. There was nothing to be done. The offered to send it to my home but as I am new to the area i don't know my neighbors well enough to ahve someone get a package....sigh what can you do. I guess its not ment to be.

  2. You can actually call your CC company and authorize a secondary address on your account to get around that. I've done it on LV purchases before. :smile:
  3. How long are you gone for? If a signature is required for the item to be released, won't they just hold the package at the post office?

    What about having LV charge your card but ask them to hold onto it until you get home?
  4. I've done this a few times as well. Call your CC company and provide a secondary address.
  5. What about having it sent to another LV store? Then you can pick it up from there!
  6. I thought in the US you can request post office to hold your package until you return? I believe UPS and FedEx do that too. Maybe you can check with your LV store on which courier company they use.
  7. Me three, or just have them hold it at the store...that is what I usually do when I am travelling. When my cerise mules and denim mules came in I was in Asia for over 2 months. Since they were already paid for they just held them. When I finally picked them up, they teased me they were just about to start a
  8. Can't you have them transfer it to a store that's close to where you're working?
  9. They can hold it for you at LV. My SA has held stuff for me while I was out of town.
  10. i would request a hold at the boutique. its sad that you won't get it immediately, but it will be yours upon return.
  11. Yes, your LV store should be able to hold it for you for a long time. My SA said she actually held a bag for a customer for two whole months. It was paid for --- the customer just couldn't get to the store as she lived far and was constantly traveling. You shouldn't have any trouble.
  12. That stinks, I'd try to do what the other ladies suggested with the secondary address thing (I didn't even now that).