LV won't let me order bag from store??

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  1. Hey everyone,
    I don't know if anyone has had this problem. but I don't have an LV store
    in my state and it has been a few years since i ordered from a boutique. ( I usually ordered from AZ boutique over the phone)
    Now when I called they said they have new guidelines and I can only order
    from website without 3 months purchase history. does anoyone know why
    they have set these rules? :pout:I am so sad cause everything is always out of stock online and i can't order my items.
  2. For the without 3 months purchase history, does that mean you both haven't ordered from online or bought in store?

    I bought from store last month and I did a first time order online this month. They took my order.
  3. Are you calling the store directly or the number listed on their website? That number is usually a central line and they wont take orders, its only informational. Unless you have a good relationship with an SA and have their direct number to the store, it would be hard to get them to ship you an item.
  4. I don't know if its different in Europe, but I called the CS line and asked for the store to call me regarding stock (as I don't live near a store). The store called me the next day and I purchased over the phone and had it shipped to me. However I had recently purchased something and I'm in their database. Maybe try speaking to a different SA:shrugs:
  5. I have never heard of this before. I did a CC hold from a SA a couple of times whenever something that I wanted was out of stock. She went far and beyond to find me one and shipped it free to my house. Maybe call a different store and see what they can do for you and if they said the same thing then it must really be a new policy. Good Luck!
  6. @ azhangie I was able to order by phone before when I called the CS to inquire what had happen to my order on line and she helped me by canceling my online order and she took my order instead. But it could be that she was correcting what had happen! Hmmm...
    That is one thing about LV, they can be so inconsistent w/ their policy which really sucks!
  7. The LV policy is that in order to "charge send" an item (charge your credit card remotely and ship the item to your house) you have to have made a purchase from the LV store or online within the past 12 months but at least three months ago. So if you bought something 4-12 months ago, you're good to go. However if you've never purchased, purchased more than 12 months ago, or purchased less than 3 months ago, you are out of luck. They seem very firm on this and always ask if i have a purchase history before they'll even talk seriously with me about charge sending. I think they are trying to avoid credit card fraud/stolen identities and also avoid resellers who suddenly buy alot all at once in order to turn a profit (somehow?). Good luck.
  8. So if you ever plan on purchasing from the 1-800 number then you need to establish an 'LV purchase history' by first purchasing in person at a boutique? And if you purchase from a boutique and then want to order by phone the following week, would they let you? LV's policies confuse me.
  9. Well, that's good to know.

    I was planning on making a purchase online but haven't made a purchase from a boutique in quite sometime, and never online. Now, I wont bother with said purchase. I swear, LV makes the most ridiculous rules.
  10. Yeah
    I have been out of the loop for awhile because i hadn't ordered from the store in a couple of years. Been buying preloved : ) So i didn't know about the change. Called 800 number they said i couldn't order so then i called the arizona store which i had ordered from in the past. SA said i was still in the system but since it had been a while since i purchased she couldnt do the charge send : (
    I was going to give up and buy my pomme alma from ebay but then i thought i would
    Call saks in NY and they had it and said i could order. So i am relieved by pomme is
    On its way :hbeat:
  11. Opps, I think I might have been unclear. I believe any one can order from the online store without a purchase history at any time. However, if you want to order directly from a boutique over the phone and have them mail it to you, then you need a purchase history with the any boutique from the previous 4-12 months. I'm not sure if the 1-888 number follows the store's rules if but I think if you're just ordering phone from the website warehouse, they'll send it without a history as well. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Awesome! Congrats and be sure to do a reveal in the main forum when it arrives! :biggrin:
  13. Thanks!
    I have a few other goodies I got so I will do a reveal soon :yes:
  14. A- thanks for the clarification. I usually treat myself at the Bermuda boutique during my annual trip to Bermuda. Can a dept store boutique in the states see in the system that I buy from another boutique? I am trying to order something from this dept store boutique in the states and I feel like I am getting the run around. I want to say ' does LV want my money or not?'
  15. Just from the few times I have browsed the Hermes forum, I have noticed that there is quite a problem with Birkin/Kelly resellers. Maybe LV is trying to avoid a real problem. It sounds frustrating though.