LV Won't Give Verbal Authentication

  1. I was at the LV boutique in SF today to have a manager take a look at the BH I just bought off of eBay. I asked one of the SA's for the manager; he asked me if he could help and I told him I wanted the mgr. to take a look at the bag. I told him I know they didn't give written authentication. The manager was with a customer but the SA went over to him and told him what I wanted. They had a little chat and the SA, who was very nice said they had a change in policy in the last month and can't even give verbal confirmations.

    Has anyone tried recently to get a verbal authentication?
  2. Hmm. Interesting. I have not taken anything in for the past few months.

    This would be interesting to find out
  3. Like I said before, I was at the fifth avenue store and a guy asked for authentification , the SA told him that they don't carry that style. He said also that they don't authentificate the merchandise.
  4. Well that makes it even less appealing to buy from those eBay vendors who say they refund your purchase if not confirmed by LV. The vendor I bought from said for me to get the name and phone # of the LV mgr. if he/she said it was fake.
  5. Well one way to find out if its fake is ask if you could bring it in for a cleaning or some other minor job and ask for an estimate. They will refuse it if the item is not authentic. Of course, I'd die of embarassment if it was fake. LOL
  6. That's a great idea! You should try that, jello!:yes:
  7. Jello,

    I also live in San Francisco and was told the same thing at the LV flagship store. As a matter of fact, when I asked the sales associate to take a look at my Viva Cite, he acted like I was trying to hand him a bag full of snakes! I was given the standard line about how eLuxury is the only authentic seller online, blah blah blah, eBay is full of fakes, blahblah blah. Honestly, yes, eBay does have a lot of fakes, but there are also many people, like myself, who would sell their authentic bags when they want to fund a new purchase. Anyway,I then called the Louis Vuitton boutique across the street in Neiman Marcus and asked the SA if she could take a look at my bags and verbally authenticate them for me, which she agreed to do. Call over at Neiman Marcus and ask if they will do it for you, they are more accommodating.
  8. That's exactly the reason i am hesitate to buy from ebay or other resellers.
  9. yeah you can always say that you want to change the linning or something and they will check the bag to make sure that it is authentic before they would do the actual repair. however these days, it seemed like it is harder to just walk in and ask for verifications since there are so many good fakes out there.
  10. no more ebay for me :sad:
  11. perhaps they just prefer that people buy from LV boutiques or eluxury instead of buying from ebay? that could be a reason why they won't authenticate.
  12. Totally agree with you on this.
  13. it's always best to just buy it directly from the boutique. you always take a degree of risk and uncertainty whenever you buy online or even secon-hand. that's just the way it is.
  14. Yes, they have stopped verifying. LV Singapore actually stopped authenticating since April 2006 but they WILL do authentication for items in their records that you have bought from them or if you have been a regular customer.

    E.G. 1: You bought a BH and decided to sell your BH, u bring the buyer to the store to authenticate, the SA will do so based on your record in the system that you have bought a BH say, maybe earlier in the year and proceed to authenticate the bag for you.

    E.G 2: You bring an item in for verification bought from someone else and no records show you have purchased that bag, they check your records and find that you regularly purchase from the boutiques even though you never bought that model, they will authenticate for you.

    This is what was told to me by my regular SA when I brought a friend of mine to verify an MC Cles she bought at one of the 2nd hand stores in SG. My SA told me that it was because there were too many people who bought fakes off eBay/Yahoo auctions to have them brought in to verify.

    I'm not sure if this is the standard practice in the States though. HTH!
  15. I totally agree with you on this but what about those rare LE discontinued items that you can no longer buy from the boutiques..? :crybaby: