LV with no protection be ok?

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    hey girlies ;)

    i just got my first louis vuitton :yahoo: Azur neverfull in GM

    but im worried about the leather and the colour.
    i did ask the sales what i could use to protect the leather (altho i know theres shining monkey , apple guarde etc...) but she said i dont really need any thing as the canvas is good and i could wipe it if it gets dirty and the only thing is the leather strips will eventually get darker.

    i just wanted to ask if its ok for my neverfull not to have any of these protections as i dont think i would be buying any. i dont do online shopping so... you know......

    the only leather protection i have is for shoes i got from clarks which the sales said i could use it on any leather... dunno about the lv bags tho x]

    do you think this would be ok to spray my neverfull with? o.o
    or a bad idea?

    also, is there any lv owners out there that doesnt use the protection on their bags?

    any advice is appreciated
    thank you girlies~! :P
  2. Wow!! Congrats on your first LV and Neverfull!! :biggrin:

    There are many here that don't put any product on leather or canvas. Apple and shining monkey are used by some here. Always try a small hidden area or underside first to see if it's ok to use.

    I would stay away from other shoe products because some contains small amounts of silicon which is a no-no on a bag. It may also flake away and leave uneven color.

    Also look through the faq here for more answers.
  3. thank you sweety :hugs:
    and thank you so much for the info on shoe protectors ;)

    im so glad i posted and asked first... if i sprayed the bag with that shoe protector... i dunno how my neverfull would look later... o_o

    i guess i wont be using any of the protecting products them ^_^
  4. Oh yes, one reason for using Apple guard would be to protect the light colored vachetta leather against water spots. If you think you may getting water spots then it's best to use a product. And cleaning the leather with damp cloth or water is also a big no-no. :smile:
  5. hehe thanks again :hugs:
    i have found a link to buy the apple guard...

    just to make sure if its the right one...
    is it this? =D
  6. could i also ask, do i apply the apple guard all over the canvas and vachetta evenly or spray..?

    thx (:
  7. thank you for the links :hugs:

    i think apple guarde stain and water repellent is a good choice... (:
  8. I know others here bought from leatherstuff but the apple guarde should be this product

    You could try a small area first and perhaps cut some paper to mask off the canvas. Also look in the other threads here on this too.
  9. hehe i think this is the one i would buy too :P

    i hope its ok to use the bag first then apply the apple guard after a few use xD it takes a few weeks for it to arrive >.< and i dont think i can wait that long :graucho:
  10. That is more than ok - you really dont NEED anything as long as you use common sense with the bag and take care of it. Most of us in here BABY our bags though, and so we tend to want to protect it to the max.... But manymanymany others just carry it.
    If you are gentle with it and use common sense, like stated above, there is no reason to why "unprotected" vachetta cant patina nicely, beautifully and evenly.

    Og - and - CONGRATS on your gorgeous new treasure!:yahoo:
  11. I recently got an azur NF and will not be treating it with anything. I was scolded by my SA for using a magic eraser and baby wiped previously, and learned my lesson! (The baby wiped and magic eraser ruined by bag, IMO. I'll be getting new handles before I carry it again.)

    Leave well enough alone. :flowers:
  12. I never use anything on my bags, no need to. I am very careful though.
  13. true.. i think i probs will baby my bag since it is my first lv and since its a light colour... i will take extra care for it.
    this isnt going to be an everyday bag... just gonna take it out for shopping once a week or so.

    -and thank you :P i really like this bag.. altho i like the mono more...but the mono neverfull is everywhere!! i want to be special and be the odd one out :love: but maybe just for a while...since the azur neverfull havent been out for so long.
  14. awww sorry to hear that... but how did the baby wipes and magic eraser ruin the bag...? i thought they were good to the leather and would clean it... o.o