LV with mesh trim

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  1. Hey all! I searched this forum for a post regarding an LV I saw in the August2006 edition of Elle. I can't seem to find any articles or links about this bag anywhere!

    I really really really want to see it in real life. Anyone knows anything about it? whether it's a limited edition or if it's from a new line that's going to come out in fall/winter?

    Attached is an image of the bag :biggrin:
  2. This bag is not out yet and is part of the upcoming Fall 2006 collection. So do not worry and get yr name down on the waiting list if you want it badly. You still have time but I bet it will cost a bomb :smile:
  3. Also, it's from the runway line so it should be a limited edition. Quickly yr LV store...
  4. hehe! I like that bag too!!!! If you do a search, I posted up a pic of it too almost 2months ago......but unfortunately a lot of PFers trashed the bag....they didn't like it, so I was so *%*&%(^!!!!!!! Anyhoo, I've changed my mind about it and I think it would cost around 3000$???? dunno
  5. this bag is not in production
  6. The Maximum I ever ever paid for a handbag was 1000$..hehehe I'd rather buy an everlasting pair of solitaire earrings for that price than for a handbag!
  7. That's unique. I can only imagine how much it costs.
  8. ew, sorry not like it :P