LV White Multicolore Bag Question

  1. This is a question for all of you lucky Multicolore bag owners. I am debating on whether or not to buy an LV MC Speedy, as I think it is such a gorgeous and fun bag but I'm afraid that I won't use it that much. So I want to ask all of you that have one, how often do you actually use your MC bags?? I want a white one, and I know that I'm limited to spring/summer use only and that's OK. I just want to be sure I'm going to use the bag, not just admire it from afar in my house! :rolleyes:
    Thanks in advance..
  2. I just got mine today! I've posted pics under the thread "Here she is!" I think it is a gorgeous purse! You should definitely get one!
  3. I use mine all the time. I love it. I'm in the process of getting a black one too!!!

    Get it. You will love it. Its so bright and colorful. It will look great with ALL of your outfits.

    I do not carry it in the winter b-cuz its too bright but I think I might carry my black one. Also winter/fall is a good time to alternate carrying your monogram bags :graucho:

    Good luck
  4. I have the Alma and Speedy (both whites). I dont use it as often as I should ( I think I am bored of it cause I got both the first month it was released). IT LOOKS AWESOME WITH light color clothes but I always wear dark or neutral so it seems to clash alot (i never tend to match my bag with my outfits)
  5. i have the white Trouville, and i use it quite a lot.

    you don't have to limit a white bag to spring/summer. i got my Trouville last Thanksgiving and i used it right away, even in winter. for me i'll use a bag if it looks good or goes with what i wear.
  6. I use mine all the time! Between my mom and I, we have both MC Speedies, she has the black Sologne and I have the white Alma and both black and white Pochettes.
    They go with EVERYthing..I have yet to find an outfit that one of them DOESN'T go with, since shades of nearly every color are represented in that bag (even gray!)
  7. I have the Audra and the Alma (that I just bought) and I used the Audra all last summer. The white MC is great for the summer months. I LOVE my new Alma so now I can switch back and forth.
  8. i have the white speedy, i don't use it often. but, i love it!!! i wouldn't trade it for anything else. the color is so alive, that it goes well with any outfite. i seldom use it 'coz i try to use all my bags alternately, so they could all breathe fresh air once in a while :biggrin:
  9. You must get it. You will not regret it!

    I purchased my white mc speedy years ago when it first debuted and was so difficult to get. This is still my favorite bag, well sort of cause I just got my le fab. Hehehe...
  10. yup..definately get the mc speedy..i use it alot and yu can put so much stuff in it...i like it so much more than the mono speedy..since its still quite hard for the fakers to get the mc pieces to the point that yu need to actually examine them to spot a fake..its very glance and yu noe if its fake or real~ so definately get it!!!! =DDDDD
  11. Yes, I agree with dokigaku in that it's so obvious which ones are fake or real. I love both my MC pieces & I don't see why you can't wear your white MC purse in the fall or winter (unless you're wearing all dark clothing suring that time).
  12. Yes, I use my white all the time in the summer, and I don't have a problem with them getting dirty either, and it matches everthing!
    Only you can decide if you will use it, just make sure it's a style you really like. GOOD LVCK!
  13. I have both, and use the white more so during the summer and the black during the fall.
  14. My black MC speedy is my main fall/winter bag. It's used a lot. I would probably regret NOT using it after spending this kind of money on it!:smile:
  15. The MC's are really starting to appeal to me, but I just bought my Manhattan PM so anything else will have to wait a bit. I say go for it, they are gorgeous with all that color!