LV White Multicolor Mink Bum Bag...

  1. ONLY 7 in the world?
    this seller on a HK auction page claim she is in Paris alright now and able to order one....


    is that true that only 7 in the world
    when i first saw it on runway, i told myself i would save up all my $ for it, but it cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:wtf:
  2. It is my favourite bag from this season!!!
  3. i love it too
    but its too UNaffordable
  4. it is more than what a birkin costs well of course there is no comparison
    also I can imagine all the care u have to have with it
    since is white mink...
  5. I don't believe that. My tiny boutique in my insignificant city has one, ergo there should be more than just seven pieces.
  6. Agreed ! :yes:

    It's kind of.. too.. umm.. outlandish a bag for me. I like the dust bag that comes with it tho ! :graucho:
  7. how much is it??? it is beautiful and unique...
  8. Friend has it, uses it as a shoulder bag! I absoutely LOVE it!
  9. love it but, does it really retail for 9500 USD...that would look soo good with the matching mink white MC is such a gorgeous bag...if I had that kind of money ohhh boy look out WOW WOW WOW...if you can afford it go for it stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The retail is $4500
  11. The mink scarf is cheaper than the bum bag. I was told the bumb bag is a little over $7k
  12. mirroir princess, are u sure the retail is only $4500? on for uk, the retail is GBP 3700 which is about $7000. i really don't know cause i have no access to lv store
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