LV White MC Alma

  1. Hi girls

    Ever since I bought the white Alma I have never worn it cuz I am so afraid of getting it dirty...So I am thinking of selling and replacing with either the Black Alma or a speedy 30...

    Did anyone have issues with getting their bags dirty....

    which do you prefer....what do you think...should I get the black alma or speedy 30?

    Thanks for helping....
  2. I have a white MC Alma that I use in the summers. I am not worried about the dirt. So far so good.:biggrin:

  3. Edit:
    my bag is not "dirty". I have to clarify. But it is not crispy white like the day I bought it. Thats what i meanst to say. Overall my bag is in great condition

    Can you return it to LV and exchage for another bag?

    I have the white speedy and yes its fine. It will get naturally dirty over time b-cuz its a white bag. its inevitable. But if you are careful it'll be fine.
  4. Yeah I have a white pochette, white Speedy, white Alma and white Cles and they're all still beautiful. I do USE my bags, not just look at them so I think that's pretty decent. They're not dirty at all :smile:
  5. I have the white trouville and I use it everyday. It hasn't gotten dirty at all. I'm only careful to not put it down on a floor anywhere, other than that, I treat it like my other bags and so far so good!!
  6. I have the white lodge pm and if it gets dirty I just clean the canvas with a damp cloth and it still looks like the first day.
  7. I Haven't Had A Problem With Any Of My White MC....I Only Use It During The Summer & I Swich Bags Daily........The White MC Alma Is Such A Beautiful Bag! Take It Out & Enjoy!!!
  8. its a much more durable then people give it credit!!
  9. I'm not sure you can exchange it unless it's been within 14 days of purchase (at least that's what the exchange period is here in Canada).
  10. Mine is fine! The coated canvas can take alot, you just give it a wipe and any dirt will usually come off. I have a son, so plenty has landed on my bags. Use it and love it!
  11. I think I am just a clean freak....or maybe a little too anal retentive....hehehehehehe
  12. Use it. It's a beautiful piece!!! I drool over it!