LV - which epi?

Hello, I've *finally* saved up the money and have the desire to purchase a LV bag, and I'm trying to decide between two specific bags. I'm either going to get a black epi pochette or a black epi segur pouch. They're both essentially demi bags, and I'd use them for basically the same purposes. But the pouch costs over $300 more - is it worth it? It seems like it'd be more versitile than the pochette, but I'm thinking this bag will be a going out/special occasions purse anyway. I like the look of the segur more, but it's a lot more to pay! Any opinions, anyone own one or the other? Thanks!

Here's the segur pouch, you probably know what the pochette looks like!
I like both, but I definately don't believe that the segur is worth the extra 300$. You may also want to go to into the boutique to try the pochette out for size, it fits less than the other pochettes sold by Louis Vuitton - the segur on the other hand looks like it can pack in a fair bit more.
The accessories pouch holds very little. Plus, the epi leather is stiff, so IMO it holds even less than the canvas pouches. If you like the look of the Segur I think you should go for that one, more roomy, less common, and it'll fit on your shoulder a lot more comfortably as well.
I think if you are going to get a bag for going out or special occasions, I would save some money and go with the LV pochette. Save the $300 extra towards another bag ;) .