LV where you least expect it...

  1. I bought today Kanye West's cd (Late Registration) and when browsing the booklet I discover a funny pic featuring a Montsouris :smile:
    Considering the pic is supposed to be of a school boy/girl (I wouldn't know, it's a bear!!!) taking such a backpack to school should put him/her in the cool with "best fashion sense and a daddy with loads of money" group LOL

    I think it was really funny :roflmfao:

  2. Lol thats hot I love Kanye and I know that he really likes LV!
  3. awh what a stylin bear ;']
  4. LOL I love that!
  5. Too cute...I never even noticed that on my CD!
  6. Cute!:tup:
  7. LOL, kanye is really into LV!
  8. Cool! Hasn't Kanye got one of those Christopher backpacks? I think theres a pic of it in the celeb bit.
  9. About a year ago (maybe longer) People magazine had a feature story about Kanye West and photos taken aboard his tour bus revealed copious amounts of LV luggage! I was very very jealous!
  10. Definitively, the man has style :yes: !!!
  11. *Random* lol!

    Not really a fan of Kanye though... :yucky:
  12. Surprised nobody has noticed this before...or maybe they did?
    He def likes his LV.
  13. Me neither :nogood:, just like the "Golddigger" song (that's why I bought the cd LOL) and I'm listening right now to the whole cd for the first time... I'll decide later, then. But he already scored some points with his love for LV :yes:!!!
  14. aw, that is so adorable!
  15. lol, how neat!