LV - What's the current hotness?

  1. Doing some blatant market research here.

    What's currently the hottest line in the LV lineup? :tup:
  2. Hm... Suhali and Azur, I would say. There's tons of anticipation for the Degrade/Mirage F/W stuff.
  3. Hottest as in what I think is the most appealing, or hottest as in most anticipated?

    I love the Suhali range the most (Suhali Speedys, anyone? :p), there's huge anticipation on here for the Amarante and Miroir Lockit. I think the LVOE2 totes are lagging behind these two. Could be wrong though!
  4. Azur has been really popular the past few months. The new Vernis color Amarante has been highly anticipaited as well :yes:
  5. Azur!!!
  6. Permanent: Azur currently is very popular
    Current Limited Edition: Olympe bags
    Future Limited Edition: amarante Vernis & Mono Degrade bags are very buzzworthy right now!
  7. I think the amarante Vernis Sunset BLV bag will be sooo Hot when it comes out
  8. i second azur and vernis amarante!
  9. Olympe & Amarante

    *Soon to be MIRAGE!!!!!*
  10. For future releases I'd say the Mirage line in the fall winter collection but most of the other I agree with if you need it you can see more details in the Fall?winter summary (first link in sig start page 19 onwards for full updates)
  11. market research or present research?? hmmm
  12. Hmm...I'd go with Azur or Amarante Vernis.
  13. I agree with Rebecca!:flowers: Azur Damier and Vernis Amarante are the latest!
  14. agreed!! I like this kind of research :p
  15. Megs wishes.

    The nature of this research is purely business.