LV Westminster GM or Neverfull MM?

  1. I'm looking to purchase my first LV bag, but I'm not sure what style to get! I definitely want the Damier Ebene print, but I'm torn between the Westminster GM and Neverfull MM. I like the Westminster because it has the zip closure, and is not as common as the NF. BUT, I want to use this purse for travel as well as everyday, and I'm not sure if would be able to hold a 13" Macbook pro...any advice is appreciated!!
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    I may be biased here but I have a Westminster GM, and I think you should get it too! ;) Like you, I was debating between that and a NF. I've posted on the forums about how I personally felt the Westminster is a more structured bag that doesn't flop around in comparison to the NF (though I still think it's a lovely piece!). I think it also depends if you want an open or a closed tote. I am a clumsy person and have bumped into things and people while carrying a cup of coffee and had a bad spill inside an open tote before! Also the hardware/zipper is beautiful! I took a random picture of it one day bc I was admiring it so much lol. I'm sorry to report, however, that a MacBook Pro 13" can't fit as shown in the picture below. But definitely an iPad, an Air and a few books will! Excuse the ugly background and lighting of that picture! I jumped out of bed with excitement to try it out to see if it would really fit and post it on here!

    Try them both out at the boutique and wish you luck on deciding! I'm sure you can find happiness with either one! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1365310620.062924.jpg
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  4. Thanks for the input/pictures! I decided on the Westminster because it's not as common and is gorgeous. I think I may be getting an iPad or mini soon for travelling, so this bag will be great. I'll post pics once I get it in the mail :smile:
  5. Great choice. Congrats!
  6. Did u consider the marylebone? It's an awesome lightweight tote like the never full but can have the structure of Westminster and u can fit MacBook Pro 13 (gm size) and then some. It is versatile in style and so pretty. I own both neverfull mm, gm and marylebone and I haven't used neverfull since getting Mary
  7. My vote goes to the Westminster.
    I think it is a gorgeous and the zipper is a plus.
    Good luck deciding!
  8. :smile: +1 :smile:
  9. Great choice!!