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  1. Has anyone purchased the new Westminister bag? I think it only comes in damier ebene' canvas. It's a beautiful bag and I'm thinking of purchasing. Any opinions on this style & size? Thanks!! :smile:
  2. I haven't purchased it (yet), but I prefer it in the GM size...
  3. I tried it on at the LV is a great tote" I'm not a big bag person so the PM size was better for me.
  4. I haven't seen the pm in person yet, my girlfriend has the gm and it's pretty large. Wish it came in MM. That would be perfect for me!! I'll probably end up purchasing the GM
  5. Yes love it

  6. Oops forgot to put mine is the GM :smile:
  7. Do you find it too big? The items you have pictured are about the same things I carry but thought the Gm would be too big?
  8. I also have the GM. It is a tote size bag, not a purse size bag. However, I use it as a purse on rainy days since it is my only DE bag.

    I bought it for travel also. The inside pocket layout is really nice and it fits an ipad, sweater, wallet, travel papers, and a few other things in there no problem.

    I think the Neverfull MM hold more although the bags are close to the same size. Since the Westminster zips at the top, it makes the bag hold a little less.

    I love the pleats and the details of the zipper pulls on the double zipper.
  9. I just went back to my local LV store yesterday to look at this tote...for the 2nd time. It's a great everyday/work tote. Simple and clean but the pleats make it pretty. It's also lightweight. It will hold less items than the Neverfull MM, but still holds plenty. I looked at the bottom of the bag and it's about the same size as the Neverful and Speedy30.

    The only reason i didn't purchase it was that it was MIU, and I really wanted MIF(just a personal preference and please take no offense to those who don't mind MIU). So I had my SA put me on the waiting list for MIF. Who knows I may just cave in on the MIU, since I really want it for this fall/winter.
  10. This is my most used bag in my collection. It use this bag when it rains or when I am going to be somewhere that my other bags could get messed up. I wear it dressed up or with jeans and a t-shirt. It is a perfect size for what I need to carry!! I have the GM by the way. Need to be able to put it on my shoulder.

    So I am about to get deep here.............sorry in advance. So I was after the MIF bags also.......then one day it came to me and I thought. We live in a great country who has great men and women that sacrifice there lives, family, for us to protect this great country. So why am I breaking my neck to get a bag from somewhere I don't even live. I understand that is where the mother of all Lv's store is, but I will wait for a trip there. So MIU is ok by me. When I finally get to have a trip to France then I will get my MIF bag but until then USA it is!!! JMHO

    The bag is such a great bag to miss out just to get MIF not sure if it is worth it!!

    I will post some pics of mine!! I got it heatstamped also!!! Love it!!
  11. Here she is!!
  12. I have the bag but I never use it because I find it hard to wear. I also have a video of the bag on my YouTube channel in my signature below if you are interested in a review of it :biggrin:
    252674_10150946942542913_151515381_n.jpg 428952_10150964456442913_426659546_n.jpg
  13. Love it!!
  14. I agree about your MIU statement. In the beginning, I was on the look out for only MIF bags but I've come to realize, MIU LVs are just the same. And I love our country so I don't have a problem with it being made here. I hope it gave lots of people work, actually. I just have a problem with the cloth tags instead of the heat stampings. :nogood:
  15. Yes I have one in GM. I love it! It's sort of roomy but my Totally MM is much more so. My Westminster GM can fit a wallet, sunless case, small makeup bag, keys, a leather Kate spade planner. I tried fitting my iPad in there, but zipper didn't close comfortably & bag looked bulky.

    I usually use the bag when I'm trying to dress-up a casual outfit (e.g. When attending a baby shower). Got a compliment on it just yesterday!