LV Website Password Issues

May 4, 2010
Sunny Florida
Hi everyone,
Within the last few days I’ve been having issues with the LV website. I was trying to order Christmas collection and LV kept telling me my login info is incorrect. I tried to reset my password and it wouldn’t accept my new one. Then when it finally accepted the change, it only worked like once before giving me an error again. Anybody else having problems with it?

Also whenever I click forgot my password, the system consistently sends me 2 emails at the exact same time with the same link.


Oct 12, 2017
A few days ago I was having issues with my login, I would login and put something in the cart and then when i went to check out I would be logged out. I was constantly having to log in/log out. I have a few browsers on my laptop so I switched to another browser and it was fine. Maybe try that?