LV Website Has S/O Up


    I agree, the cake box is AWESOME! And I thought the Damier picnic set was pretty cool as well...
  2. i love all those items!
  3. I LOOOOOOOVE THAT CHESS SET! I wonder if they could make one in Mono or Damier canvas instead of vachetta? The picnic set in Damier is also fabulous. I wouldn't mind having one of those Mono manicure sets either. I wonder how much this stuff would set me back?
  4. the LV: Birth Of Modern Luxury coffetable book has these amazing one-off special orders too .... including a 20 iPod (yes, 20) holder for Karl Lagerfeld and a Bang & Olufsen portable sound system case for Sophia Coppola. ;)
  5. HOLY :censor: !!!! Look at all of those watches!!!