LV website glitching?

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  1. Hey all! Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this-
    For the past two-three days it's been impossible for me, from laptop, mobile, or iPad, to use the LV shop collections feature on their USA website. I'm in the market for a new agenda and whenever I get as far as the 'agenda covers' option, any link I click either takes me to an indefinite loading screen (with the logo constantly flipping about on the brown background) or it redirects me to the main page of the LV site (on mobile/iPad).
    I sent an email but have not yet heard back from anyone. Is this just me?! I know it's such a trivial thing but I was really hoping to make my purchase this week!

    If this is a thread that belongs more in the general online shopping forum, please let me know! I figured that y'all would be the experts when it comes to the LV website and all!

  2. the website worked fine for me this morning i just made a small purchase
  3. If possible, could you see if the agendas section is working for you? I don't know how one small section of the site could be faulty when the rest is fine, but I'm not the most tech-savvy girl in the world.
  4. Hello, am glad to hear I'm not the only one with LV website issues! Apart from the time it takes to load some pages - and yes, I do have the fastest connection available AND a new computer - it is badly designed but maybe they did not wish counterfeiters to copy it easily?

    It is very annoying, not a major issue as there are more important things in life than a faulty website, but LV should be 'premium' which their website certainly is not.