LV website getting annoying...

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  1. For two days I have been trying to look around the LV site. Yesterday it just kept reloading the same page over and over, and today it will go into women's, then city bags, but when I select a type it's just blank. The search function does not work, either, so I can't just put in what I am looking for. And no more visiting to check them out, so I am at the mercy of a quasi-functional site! :tdown::nono::pout:
  2. I have noticed it has had issues for awhile now. I often get an error message. LOL you would think for all the money we spend on their things they could afford to hire a techie that knows what he/she is doing and make a website that works
  3. Yeah, I agree. I find a lot of sites using flash player technology really tiresome. I'm not even on broadband at home and it takes me ages to look at anything on
  4. I had the same problem! So annoying
  5. Yep - I had trouble with their site here too, it just kept flashing the LV symbols at me and wouldn't load anything else.
    Hopefully this is a sign they are updating the site with all new pics of LV goodies.:nuts: Well we can hope!
  6. same prob here...maybe they are adding new items
  7. i thought it was just me. sometimes my macbook is weird about picking up flash players so i thought thats what was the problem
  8. Did you try calling the 866# and see if they can give any info?
  9. I got impatient too when trying to search for some items. The search engine doesn't work. Hope they fix it soon, as shopping on the website becomes a problem with not finding the item that you want right away.
  10. It is nice to see that I am not the only one always on lv's
  11. I think that they are revamping their site. There are new subheadings for each category in the catalog.

    I do agree though, that their Flash site is a pain to navigate. Try installing the latest version of Flash Player, if you don't already have it installed. Also, don't be took quick to click on links. Wait for the page that you clicked on to load completely before you click on another link. Flash requires a lot of memory to be transmitted over the connection and rapid link-clicking causes the flash player to crap out.

  12. If they are adding new least the site should show the old one. I tried, it worked but when clicked on the items, it showed 0 products. :shrugs:
  13. ^^Oh good, I thought I was the only one. I somehow thought they banned from being there too much LOL!
  14. I thought the exact same thing!....I was thinking wow did i click too many times that its blocking me out of the site....hahahaa
  15. what makes me more mad is that you can't view the website on safari on the iphone.... or do i need to install flashplayer into my mom's iphone? :huh: i was just freaking out about the price changes for lv when i had no computer nearby, but just tpf to keep me updated!