LV webshop opening for Europe?

  1. At the moment only France and UK are able to order from LV's webshop but does anyone know when the online shopping possibility will be available for the rest of Europe???

    I wonder why they didn't open it for countries that does not have LV stores, in the 1st place?
    Honestly I find it unfair. :hrmm:
  2. I spoke with an SA last fall about this, and it was *supposed* to open for the rest of us early this year. I am not sure if they're still working out the kinks for the rest of Europe, or if they've decide to ditch the idea.
  3. I wrote an e-mail a week ago to ask - they said "the
    project is under study".
  4. Me too, and this is what I got :sad:

    'Dear Customer,

    We would like to thank you for your visit on our web site and your
    interest in Louis Vuitton.

    Concerning your request, we are sorry to disappoint you but for the time
    being we only sell on line in the United States of America
    (, France and the UK. For the rest of the world, the
    project is under study.

    We are looking forward to your next visit on our web site,'
  5. I got exactly the same :amuse:
    Can't wait for the LV-webshop... :cry:
  6. I don't know why there isn't one in Canda?!:mad:
  7. Which EU-Countries don't have webshops?

    When I lived in a smaller town in Austria without LV shop they were able to ship from Vienna to me for 5€, you just have to know what you want and phone them I guess.
  8. I think it's a question of internal VAT... the NL have 19% but other countries varies and that's perhaps the reason :blink:
    It's really annoying not being able to shop online (mostly last-minute gifts!!!) but I still enjoy visiting my LV shop - and hoping my SA likes me so much one day to put me in some VIP list :roflmfao:
  9. It's so annoying that LV doesn't ship to the rest of Europe. My country doesn't even have an LV butique (we'll get one in October though), so I have to travel abroad to buy my stash. I mean, to be honest, who needs elux or some other LV-webshop more - an American with NM/Saks/LV-butique within a 2-hours reach or a european that has to take a one and half hour flight to get to the nearest butique in another country? Oh well, since LV Oslo is only a half a year away and I actually like Copenhagen it's not that big of a problem, but I do find it somewhat annoying..