LV WC speedy 30 or Bal work in GGH???

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  1. i realized that i dont have brownish bag so thinking of purchasing a brown bag soon. i know ill have lil hard time getting my hand on LV watercolor brown speedy 30 but i know if thats what i really want im sure i can get it. but i really like Balenciaga bags too!!!! what do you guys think???
  2. i love balenciaga, and i think it's def. more comfortable to wear. but in terms of look, i like the WC more :P
  3. Balenciaga!! I do not like the WC line.
  4. Definitely the Balenciaga! I love the Work, but I am not a fan of the WC line. I think it will look dated very quickly.
  5. thanks!!!! but is there dark brown or brownish color for work??? i couldnt find it on their website.
  6. My vote goes to Balenciaga.

    I don't think they have any new dark brown colors this season.
  7. You can call Bal NYC or LA and they can see if they have the color you are looking for if it is not on their site. If you are looking for a GGH bag I would try to get it sooner rather than later, they won't be around for long.
  8. balenciaga with GGH