lv watercolor speedy or prada fairy?

if you can only buy one right now, which would it be?

  • watercolor speedy

  • prada fairy tote

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Oct 20, 2008
hi tpf-ers,

i am late to the game and have come to appreciate purses only recently (thanks to this forum). i would like your opinion; i am comfortable with spending money on only one purse right now, so provided i can find these, which would you buy: the prada fairy or the lv watercolor speedy (i like the brown 30)?

it's likely that i'll eventually get both, so if one is rarer than the other (and should be snapped up), would you please tell me?

i posted the same poll on the prada forum to get a "balanced" poll - although i suspect there are lots of people that "cross over" :smile:

thanks much!


Jul 8, 2008
Cali Baby!
Well i Have Both Wc In White and i dont use the watercolor alot it just sit up in my closet and its just screaming use me and the bad thing about the prada is it bleeds i think the 2nd batch don't bleed but i got the 1st batch and any water it will bleed so it all depends on what you want i would say go for graffiti lol:P


May 20, 2008
I prefer the brown watercolor.... not biased to LV just think it's a nicer bag.


Jul 5, 2008
The Rainy City
I voted for the WC - especially if you get the brown 30 (the only WC I really wanted but of course never got!) I like the look o fthe prada, but heard it really had to be babied - someone else mentioned the bleeding.
Oct 20, 2008
i would say go for graffiti lol:P
i think my taste is still a year behind - i just bought a dentelle speedy from let-trade. i'll eventually learn to jump into the fray when in comes to these limited edition bags, but right now i'm overwhelmed by the roses and graffiti designs.

anyway, i'm going to try to unearth an lv bag my mom gave me for my birthday 20 years ago :nogood:; i'm visiting my parents at the end of the month and i think the bag is still in the closet in my old room! how my purse loving mother raised a purse-ignorant daughter is beyond me :shrugs:


~*One Wild Night*~
Apr 29, 2008
Easy. the WC Speedy. The Prada Fairy collection looks like it got a tattoo job. And even with that tattoo-ish design, it still looks very plain and boring. The WC is much more vibrant, colorful and very beautiful.

WC Speedy all the way!


Avid Purse Lover!
May 26, 2008
A sunny, happy place!
I went through the same dilemma few months ago, and eventually decided to get the Prada Fairy bag in cipria. I must say it is a head turner and very unique piece, but it is delicate and the size is a tad too big for me. Now I wish I had gone for the WC speedy 30 :girlsigh:

But both are gorgeous bags, so whichever you choose you can't really go wrong. Hope you'll find one soon!