LV watch question

  1. I just wonder why LV watch is not famous as Chanel J12? :confused1:

    I see LV watch is beautiful but never think to buy it. I think it is too much expensive. Anyway, I think J12 is a worth to pay :p

    They are both designer watch not made by watch company like Rolex, Pannarai and catier. ( I didn't compare it with Gucci because the price is much different).

    What do you think?
  2. I Think the Chanel j12 is over priced... its like $5k isnt it?

    mine was $2,350 for LV lol alligator strap and SEXYNESS included!
  3. ^Hahaha! I've always wanted a watch but am too shy to try it on.
  4. There are so many, I didn't realize there are so many limited styles available. The accessories manager was showing me some and the binder is huge!
  5. ROFLMAO:roflmfao:
  6. I have the Tambour lovely pink watch and love it! LVMH also owns Tag Heuer and I think the LV watches are manufactured by them.
  7. I do think LV made by TAG too.
  8. I :heart: LV watches. Not a big watch person really...but I am obsessed with LV, so naturally...I'll wear an LV watch! :yahoo:
  9. I dont like Rolex or Cartier, that doesnt interest me at all.

    LV has sooo many styles and combinations for watches its just like the hand bag collection.... AMAZING!

    I wouldnt mind a watch my SA has by Breitling ( or how ever u spell it, the watch company Bentley automobile owns or w/e).

    When I do get my next watch, it will def be by LV and I want it to be that Watch in the Xmas catalog with the fleur on it with the paved diamonds and red alligator strap, its $10,300.00 and I tried it on at my store at the party! I nearly died that day! some other lady got it tho! DAMN! her lol
  10. I was thinking about getting a LV watch, but I LOVE Movado and/or automatic movement watches. Like my Rolex Datejust (2 months and its MINE!!!)
  11. I have the Tambour watch with the white MC strap. I used it very hard, and no scratching ever occured on the face. I just had the MC strap replaced with the old red vernis strap. I love it and it is worth every penny.
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    I agreeeee..... LV watches are so sexy!:love:

  13. I say Get the J12 and if you don't like Give it to me:nuts: :drool:
    should i brake my ban with a J12?:devil:
    and LV watches are over priced i buy my premium alligator straps for $70 and even hermes wantches are cheaper...
  14. Well, loads of celebs are wearing the J12s!!
    I hardly know of any celeb wearing an LV watch??
    It's all in the publicity!:nuts:
  15. LV automatic watches have Zenith movement: one of the best.:cool:
    LV quartz have ETA movement, and doesn't cost a lot.:yes:

    I don't know what has J12 inside.