LV warranty

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  1. Hello! I'm new here and Thought I'd post my recent experience with LV customer service. I actually found this forum when I was looking for information about issues I was having with Bloomsbury.
    I purchased the Bloomsbury a few years ago and took it out recently after a year in storage. I was shocked to learn there were cracks in the canvas! I searched for days on the internet trying to find out if this was a common issue and couldn't find a thing. All I found were horror stories about how terrible LV customer service is about any damages or repairs.
    I finally decided to take it into LV to see if anything could be done because I knew this was not normal wear. With all the terrible stories I'd read online, I was ready to put up a fight!
    I spent about 3 minutes in store before they let me know they'd exchange the purse out for a brand new one! It didn't even have to be the same purse, which completely surprised me. So I felt silly believing all of the negative reviews online.
    They SA mentioned something about "new guidelines" they have about product issues and had a packet of photos with known issues and warranty times for each. My particular issue had a 5 year timeframe for replacement.
    So I thought id share in case anyone else was having a similar issue because I sure would have loved to know about this before. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458999421.924795.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458999430.851587.jpg
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  2. I've always had fantastic customer service at LV. In 11.5 years of purchasing, I've only had 5 issues:

    Artsy canvas cracked after 1 year. They replaced the bag no questions asked.
    Artsy cracked a second time. They allowed me to exchange for a different item.
    Neverfull MM in DE cracked on straps after 4 months. They allowed me to exchange for Portobello
    Portobello cracked after 2 years. Exchanged for an Emp item.
    A mono wallet (forget the name) needed reglazing

    I've purchased TOO MANY items to mention so this percentage of 5 items is really really low. I love LV and will continue to purchase with confidence. Glad you had a great experience!
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  3. Thank you for the info! I don't have many LV items and with that, baby them and keep them mostly in storage so it's great to know if I become brave enough to use them on the daily that if I have a problem I may luck out like you have :biggrin:
  4. OP, thank you for this very helpful post. I am also glad your bag was exchanged.

    I just want to point out to TPFers that Louis Vuitton does not have an "official" warranty on any bags or luggage. This is a common misconception regarding the brand. As you mentioned, these are guidelines for their staff in case a bag is returned for what may look like unusual wear and tear.

    We know that if you encounter a problem with an item purchased recently, a year being the unofficial timeline, the store will very likely repair your item free of charge or replace it.

    This is always case-by-case and one should always take the item to the store for the repair manager to evaluate it. If you are dissatisfied with the proposed solution (or the lack thereof), I suggest to take the item to a different store, as another repair specialist may give a different opinion.

  5. Funny, I have been told many times and very matter of factly, that there is a one year warrantee on LV items and I have been buying LV for a long time!
  6. You been told wrong... Next time they tell you that ask for it in writing and see what happens.

  7. I googled 'does LV offer a warrantee on their bags' and many people have been told that they do! At their prices they should!
  8. When a Louis Vuitton item comes with a warranty (time pieces for example), it is explicitly stated.

    As I mentioned earlier, the "one year" period is at the discretion of the staff, not an official warranty. At least, that was the case when I worked at Louis Vuitton in France.
  9. Google: the demise of our society. :lol:
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  10. Again if you get it writing I would LOVE to see it! ;)

  11. Thanks for that info. Will definitely try and get it in writing next time

  12. Always worth a try lol.
  13. :P I would definitely LOVE to see that!!! :tup:

  14. Oh don't take my google away
  15. You wouldn't be the first to try..:lol: