LV warranty?

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  1. hi guys. i tried searching but didnt find anything >__<.

    but i was wondering what the warranty for lv was?
    some people say 1 year & some say forever..?

    you can always get your bag reglazed without be charged right? but what if you want to change the handles on a speedy? & if you are under warranty, would you still have to pay anything to get it fixed?

    sorry for all these questions! imma newbie :heart: :blush:
  2. I don't know what LV says, but they have to follow the law in the contry you purchase the item... So in Norway they give the buyer 2 years on everything and 5years on items that are ekspencive and supposed to last for a longer time. (like Lv)

    I work in a international watch company, and we give 2 years international warranty on our watches, but since the law in Norway is like it is, we have to take care for the problems until 5 years...
  3. ..why you want to change the handles?..due to the patina..damages..or something else?..they repair your bag if the problem is due to an LV error..but if you wanna change your handles because you didn't like them..they don't change anything at no cost..and you will pay the cost of the handles! there is a thread..
  4. Glazing isn't free. I had to pay to have my wallet re-glazed.
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