lv warranty

  1. i just bought an lv bag but i didn't buy it at the lv store, can someone tell me is there life time warranty or something for lv bags? cux i notice alot of ppl say stuff like they went back to exchange or whatever, can i do that after like a month still?
  2. Where did you get your bag from? I suppose the exchange policy would be different depending on the department store.

    At the boutique the exchange policy is 30 days but your SA should be able to accept a return that's a few days late, no problem. I've even been allowed to make a return without receipt!

    I was told that that the warranty for defects is 2 years.
  3. Exchange return is actually 14 days...not 30!
  4. if you didn't buy it at the store, you can't exchange it or return it there.. if you HAD bought it at the store, I believe you have 14 days. The warrenty is if the bag is damaged and you bring it in for repairs, but I believe if the damage was not a factory problem (I mean, if the damage was from regular use and such) Vuitton will charge for the repairs. The reason why Rasberry was able to make a return/exchange without a receipt is most likely because the SA's can actually look up your information in the database. Vuitton keeps track of all sales made in their boutiqes and I believe also in the rental spaces in department stores, i.e. Macy's, Neiman's, etc. If you had purchased from Eluxury, I believe you have 30 days for refund/exchange, but I believe ONLY through Elux.. someone please correct me if I'm wrong. HTH! :flowers:
  5. i bought it at bloomingdales, nothing has happend yet, but i got the mini lin and everyone is saying htat is not coated so it can pill or rip easily, and i was thinking if somehow like a month or 2 later it begins showing 'ugly' signs, can i repair it? exchange it? how much does it cost usually?
  6. hmm, I think the pilling would be due to regular use, no? I don't think you can really repair that... you should definately ask the Vuitton SA's.
  7. I know the receipt says 14 days, but my SA told me 30! *shrug*
  8. Yes, LV provides a warranty on their items. I can't remember exactly how long.
  9. I believe any type of pulling of the fabric would be considered a natural thing....and probably not fixable (as it is something normal the fabric will do).
  10. ITA. But something that shouldn't happen, they will fix.

    I was surprised when I was talking to my SA about the damier lining bleeding, she mentioned it had happened with some MC too....I said yeah, I can see it on my keepall pockets a bit, right away, she said, "bring it in, they would send it off for new pockets." I was surprised, I said, "but it's almost 3 years old!" She said, "doesn't matter....shouldn't happen, we will fix it"
  11. Pilling and pulling of the fabric would be considered normal wear and tear. I don't think you'd be able to get an exchange/return for that one so if you're concerned with that, maybe do the exchange/return now?
  12. You have 60 days to return on ELUX...:yes:
  13. That's why I :love: elux.......
  14. The return policy is 30 days not 14 days. This is per my SA at the LV store in the Dallas Galleria.
  15. the exchange policy is 30 days, i just did an exchange..but refund is 14 days...hope this helps