LV wapity or pochette accessory?

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  1. My daughters birthday (19) is comming up and my sister and I can't decide what she should get her. We know its between wapity case and pochette accessory in the LV monogram. She really isn't a handbag girl but will carry wristlets and demi's in black and brown only.
  2. I like the pochette, I've seen a lot of younger girls carrying them and it looks cute :biggrin:
  3. be forewarned that the wapity is SMALL. I can put my iPod mini, the earphones, and USB cord in it and it's full. THAT'S IT!! But either are cute, I have the wapity in white MC and it's gorgeous with the interior. So think about what all she carries when deciding.
  4. I would want the pochette b/c that can be carried like a purse. I think the wapity looks more like a camera case.
  5. I like the Lexington, which is basically the Pochette in the ultrasleek Vernis.


    This might be a classy alternative to the monogram line, and if your daughter likes browns, she will love LV's pearly noisette (the color shown in the picture). It sounds like your daughter already has several wristlets, so it might be a great idea to get her something slightly bigger, not the Wapity.

    Have fun picking out her gift!
  6. Personally, I would rather get the pochette than the wapity unless I have lots of handbags already that I would rather have the wapity. I can't deny the wapity is soooo cute though!
  7. pochette.
  8. Definately pochette, you get a whole lot more bang for your buck.
  9. Looks like the pochette is it! Thanks all, we have been stressing about this. I loved the vernis too but already knew it wasn't for her.
  10. i'm a bit late but good choice, the pochette got my vote!
  11. My sis skipped the pochette gift. All of the monogram pochette accessory are made in the usa. The dust bags are no longer felt they are like burlap. Although I am not one to be fussy about the usa mark and neither is my sis I do want the felt dustbag! What is happening to LV bring back the darn dustbag...we moved on and ran to Tiffany.
  12. Today I bought a monogram pochette...and believe it or not they gave me one of the old felt dustbags. I have no idea why they had the older ones, but I bought it at Holt Renfrew instead of at the LV boutique.

    Weird coincidence, heh?
  13. My sister just bought a bag at the Vuitton in Paramus and they had the original dust bag too. Same as the ones that came with my purchases in Riverside years and years ago.

    In fact this Christmas we did alot of shopping at Vuitton (little accessories) and they all came with the felt sleeper bag.
  14. Although the Wapity is the cutest little accessory thingy majiggy, it is really too small to do any good. Definitely go with the Pochette, that way it can be an accessory case or a purse, depending on her mood.
  15. The Wapity is beyond cute but just not a functional as the pochette. For that reason...I'd go for the pochette since she would probably use more.