lv wallets.

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  1. Hey
    I love all the wallets but the prices making me crazy :biggrin:
    I can't understand why a wallet have the same price like a bag:confused1:

    the wallets I've found with " normal " prices are soo small..:huh: Now I saw the zippy wallet. it looks cute. what do you think about these one?
    is it a good wallet or just a stupid idea to buy?
    maybe someone own one.

    thanks a lot.
  2. i keep wanting to get a wallet but i keep buying bags instead! I really like the vernis zippy wallet.
  3. The wallets ARE expensive, but hey - how often will you switch a wallet ? You will get the value back on a per use basis ! ;)
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    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    The wallets are priced high because of the workmanship that is put into them. I highly recommend them to everyone as they are truly an investment.

    There are a few threads on this topic that have been covered in the past... I suggest using the search feature.

    But to answer your question, yes, the Zippy is an amazing wallet! What are your thoughts on the Brazza wallet?

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  5. i am using a zippy wallet and i absolutely love it. it stores so much, is so organised and looks neat when zipped.
    like you, i don't like wallets that are too small, so after much research, i got the mono zippy wallet in the hope that it will last me for a longer period of time.
    initially i was ranting over how much these wallets cost (add in some money and i could get anor bag) but eventually i realised that it is the wallet that i am now using daily!
    so it is not a stupid idea to purchase a wallet but do look around as to which suits you best.
    in this forum, i notice that the sarah wallet is very popular as is the zippy coin purse (which imo is too small).
    good luck and keep us posted.
  6. I have the MC zippy wallet and LOVE it!! I also really like the sarah and pochette wallet. Yes they are expensive, but worth every penny!
  7. I want a wallet too, but they are so expensive. I really like the Pochette Wallet in Damier Ebony, but since I currently can't afford that, I think I want to get the zippy key and change holder in Mono.
  8. I just got the smaller zippy coin purse and I really like it. It was $395.

    I would stay away from the multicolor. Here is what mine looks like after a little over a year.

  9. I love it!
  10. if u have a few bags then def opt for a wallet its a must .. its like once u get one yourr good its woth it :smile: .. i dont have 1 YET but thats my out look.
  11. i was thinking the same about getting a wallet... most of my friends thought it was ridiculous to spend $$$ on a wallet, but when you think about it, this wallet will last you forever. :] i just got the mono ZCP to start with... i'm just a college student and only carry my license, two cards and student id, sometimes cash... so i don't need a big wallet... maybe when i start making it big. :]
  12. I love LV wallets! Definitely invest in one!
  13. I was the same way....for the price of a wallet and I can almost buy a purse syndrome. However, if I use that wallet everyday for at least one-two years plus...I will get my moneys worth. I don't switch out wallets as I do bags, so it is definitely an investment and something to think about. Good luck ~
  14. I love LV wallets. It's so nice to pull an LV wallet out of your LV bag.
  15. I first thought it was rediculous to buy a wallet for 500$...then i bought my first Monogram Sarah wallet, and i seriously dont know how ever lived without it! i use it ALL the time! the best wallet ive ever had...seriously they are made SOOO well.

    I recommend the Sarah! in Mono, Vernis, or MC!