Lv wallets ....

  1. Does the Epi stretch like the Monogram?

    I really like the organizer with ID. I cant decide on the mono or epi but just want to know about the stretch.
    I dont like my bills ( paper money) folded and i'm on the understand that bills will fit in the pocket behind the coin pocket without folding.
  2. Hi, I have this wallet in epi fawn and the bills (Swiss francs) fit in the pocket behind the coin pocket and credit card slots very nicely. No folding required.
    It's a very roomy wallet and the credit card slots in mine have stretched a bit due to multiple cards being in one slot.
    I can recommend this wallet, I think it's gorgeous and practical.
  3. That's a beautiful wallet in Red Epi! I can't say first hand whether the leather on your particular wallet stretches... I used to own a Mandarin Ludlow to carry in my pochette as a "going out at night" wallet. It was not stretchy or flexible at all. It wasn't really the most convenient wallet to fiddle with after a couple martinis, so I had to sell it. But the upside of it is that Epi will look like new for a very long time!
  4. thanks ladies...
    I will have to first make sure my bills fit without folding, that will be the seller of this wallet.

    I have loved this wallet for a while now but in the mono. I've see a very used mono and it stretched nicely, similar to the pti.

    thought maybe a different leather since I have the mono already and would like to replace it with the new petit pti.
  5. That's a beautiful wallet, what is that called???