LV wallets. which one?

  1. i love the french purse in mono but $615 is a LOT for a wallet. would you guys buy this? i think it's the most classy wallet out there...:heart:

    please let me know if you see one floating around on eBay..
  2. hahhaha. i love it too.. but i wouldn't buy it, i'd rather buy me another purse :p
  3. I agree - it's a gorgeous wallet~! It's a lot of money - on the other hand, my PTI still looks brand new (and I hate it - I keep waiting for it to die so I can justify getting a new one - LOL!)

    I like the French Purse, the mono and damier Koala, and the Zippy Wallet (that's the middle sized zippy).

    You have good taste though - that's a really pretty wallet.
  5. I love the french purse too! :girlsigh: I just think it's too much to pay for a wallet! It's a speedy for crying out loud!
  6. I know what you mean! I'm afraid if I bought the French Purse, I wouldn't have any money to put in it!
  7. I have it, it's a little much.... but I use it as a clutch sometimes, so it serves both as a wallet and clutch, maybe that's a way to think of it?
  8. I prefer the PTI. I've used it as a clutch before (my Peppermint Vernis one), and I love how it keeps my money organized.
    The only thing is that the clasps on the coin part of the French Purse might get annoying after awhile. One of my friends has that wallet and she is ALWAYS struggling with it. One day she got so annoyed trying to get the coin purse part open that she just tossed her change in her bag.
  9. :yes::roflmfao:

    So true! Although there are some good eBay deals.
  10. I am hoping to buy either this or Koala. Yup, too much $$$$.
  11. the zipped purse is cute.
  12. I know it's a lot of $$, but the french purse is lovely. I just commited to the Koala in Rasberry Vernis. I wanted to reach in and take out something lovely out of my lovely purses.
    I chose the Koala over the French Purse because the push button clasp was easier (and cuter) than the kiss lock on the French Purse.

    And the wallet will transfer from purse to purse, so if you divide by number of can think that it's not quite so expensive.
  13. I love my Pocket Organzier. I don't know if this is considered a wallet though. But I can open it up and don't have to hunt for anything.
  14. I love my Groom poch. wallet!!
  15. I got my first lv bag in 1996 and accquired quite a few since then but until xmas his year didn't own a single wallet. also couldn't see paying the price of a wallet when I could get a bag for a few hundred more....nowadays, however, the price of the bags are sky rocketing...some of my bags are 200 more than when I purchase them. Anywho I am not looking to purchase the small leather goods because they are more within my budget. with all that being said the wallet I asked for and got for xmas was the mono with zip pocket. I am really unorganized and lose things a lot so it works for me--I just throw everything in there. The only problem I've found is that th ecredit card slots on the inside are a tight fit and I am afraid that they'll tear early. Hope you find one that suits you!