LV wallets vs other brands


Oct 14, 2013
Hi everyone,

I just bought my first LV wallet today - the Helene wallet. I wanted a compact wallet that would fit all my essentials, one that I could use with my clutches and smaller bags. I went to the boutique and looked at four different styles - Helene, ZCP, Elise and Anais. The Helene and the Elise looked the most well-made while the rest were not the great quality that I was expecting. For the premium we're paying for I would expect better quality zippers for the ZCP and Anais. The zippers were comparable or slightly worse than contemporary brands like Kate Spade and Coach and opening/closing them didn't feel as smooth as the cheaper alternatives. The ZCP in Epi looked pretty at one glance but upon closer inspection I found that the leather was a little puckered near the curved corners. Overall, I didn't think the quality justified the price. In the end I went with the Helene which has no zippers and looks great and sturdy. I didn't get the Elise because they only had it in the azur Damier.

I'm happy with my Helene wallet, but after today I'm not too sure about LV quality anymore. I had a vertical batignolles in the past which I thought was superb, perhaps the wallets are not as well-made? Any thoughts/opinions or previous experience with LV products?