LV wallets that hold a checkbook?

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  1. i know there is a wallet thread started like once a week, but i did a search and i'm still at a loss. my no name wallet is dying a slow and painful death, and i CANNOT find one to replace it.

    i don't carry very many cards (i actually got all my essential cards to fit in an MJ card case that i almost bought) but i do carry around cash (sometimes LOTS of small bills) and a checkbook. i don't like having to mess with sticking bills in a particular pocket and i hate bulky wallets with the extra checkbook flap, like most checkbook wallets end up being.

    i looked at this but i'm afraid my cash will fall out because there's no snap.

    does anyone have one? or any suggestions? it doesn't have to be LV. i'm open to any brand.
  2. I used to have the Porte Valeurs and it held my checkbook, cards (at the time I only had like 4.. now i have over 9... -_-).

    it held the cash fine in the pocket, and checkbook slots behind the cards fine.. but because there is no snap button, if you just "toss" ur bills in it, they will fallout. but otherwise, if you can just put them in the slot behind the left side, they'll be fine. :smile:

    otherwise, the PTI holds a checkbook fine, along with cash pockets, 6 card slots and a pocket for coins too. :smile: HTH
  3. A Porte Tresor (PTI) will hold a checkbook, but if you are looking for less bulky (and don't need a change purse) the Pocket Agenda is a great wallet! It hold a checkbook perfectly and unlike the standard checkbook holder it has three slots for credit cards. I love this wallet, and have one in Damier, Monogram, Yellow Epi, and Amber Mat. :smile:
  4. oh yes! i forgot about those! lol. those are great and come with a great price tag too!

    kinda OT: carol do you know how much a regular checkbook cover is? is it more or less than that pocket agenda.
  5. Jimmy, I only ever found one in monogram, and I believe it was less than a pocket agenda at the time (maybe $20 less?). It had the monogram running horizontally rather than vertically, and it doesn't have any credit card slots. I sold mine on Ebay, because I much preferred the pocket agenda.
  6. :love: I carry the zippy-- it is a oblong wallet (with checkbook inside) that zips around three sides (hence the name zippy);)
  7. ah yea that's the one. so for an extra $20 it's worth it for the card slots and such. i'll pick one up later then. hehe. later like.. a few months. haha. but thanks for the input. :biggrin:
  8. oooh the pocket agenda looks promising!! i wouldn't even have to save up for that one. definately beats the three to four months of savings for any of the other wallets...or the six for the MC koala i wanted before i figured out that the monogram was printed on top of the canvas and could chip off. for six hundred bucks, chipping in any form is unacceptable. :smile:

    thanks all for your suggestions!! off to elux to look again. :smile:
  9. I suggest the Zippy as well. It definitely fits a checkbook and everything else! I love how it zips all around. Very clean cut. It comes in Damier and Mono. My mother bought it last year and she loves it!
  10. I have an LV checkbook that I use only to hold cash. Its very convenient and it when I put in the bottom of my speedy, it stops it from sagging.
  11. omg swanky! that is exactly what i want/need!!. why didn't i see that on one of the gazillion times i've browsed through elux?? thank you!!!

    *sigh* so expensive. oh well. still cheaper than the koala and more what i wanted. thanks again!

    maybe i'll get the pocket organizer in the mean time. :smile:
  12. I have a porte tresor international and I love it
  13. I like the wallet you posted if you like it get it.