LV Wallets: Need help deciding !!

  1. Hey LV fans and experts

    the pochette fuschia porte monnaie
    or the multicolore porte-monnaie billets viennois

    both from eLuxury
    I am leaning toward the multicolore

    anybody own either?:shrugs:
  2. sorry, here's the photos
    lv violet wallet.jpg lv wallet multicolor.jpg
  3. Second one.
  4. I like the first one, but mostly because I'm a sucker for the little locks.
  5. First one.
    Everyone and there sister has the second one.
    Plus the first one won't have the design rub off.
  6. oooh I really like the design of the second one.
  7. By the way, i have the Louis Vuitton Audra Multicolor Black little tote
    so the multicolore wallet would match.

    Is the multicolore LV ---- all played out though?
    also, the multicolore is about $100 more than the fuschia
    chain wallet

    just wondering
    thanks everyone for your thoughts
  8. I prefer the charms wallet. It's adorable!
  9. i prefer the MC. :yes:
  10. second one:yes:
  11. get the mc. I don't think it's played out it's still super cute! plus it will match your audra :yes:
  12. i vote for #2.

    i have it and i love it.
  13. I like both of them, but if you already have a black MC Audra, I would get the MC wallet to match.
  14. Second one, MC.
  15. definantely the second!! not a big fan of the fuschia porte monnaie, but whatever you like best!