LV Wallets and Small goods

  1. I'm sure this has been discussed...but I am new, and already a Purse Forum addict. I am an ebay seller of consigned high-end designer goods, and as such, have bought, carried, and sold EVERY kind of purse under the sun. I definitely have favorites (the ones I still carry, even though they were supposed to be on my sale list...MJ Stella...)

    Anyway, the one CONSTANT in my life is my AWESOME Louis Vuitton wallet, which I bought in NY to go with the Speedy 25 I was carrying at the time. I FULLY intended to use this wallet for a while, and then sell it, but I simply CAN NOT.

    Anyone else out there that thinks Louis Vuitton makes the best, most functional, long lasting, fabulously designed wallets EVER? I use it always, and just switch it from one bag to the next. Right now, I'm carrying a Mulberry for summer, and I don't even care that my LV wallet is as far from matching as you can get. It simply rocks.

    Thanks for the vent, Rebecca
  2. I have a french wallet and I just love it. It's the perfect size and so versatile :biggrin:
  3. I have the zip wallet and love it. It fits everything I carry and zips shut so it's always thin.
  4. I like the zip wallet but am hesitant to get it because there aren't enough credit card slots. What do you do with extra cards? Do you carry another wallet? or do you just put it in one of the gusseted sides?
  5. Rebecca, which style do you have ? My favorite for the longest time was the mono french purse, but I also love the billfold style and right now I am using a Vernis eldridge, which I also love.

    The only LV wallet that I cannot stand is the Ludlow. To me it is just too small to be at all useful !

  6. My first LV was a wallet. I got the Porte Billets billfold. I loooooove it. :love:
  7. I've had this one for a few years now and LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!!!
  8. I have the damier koala wallet and I love it! It is by far the best wallet I've ever owned.
  9. I have a mono ludlow which is perfect for me for day to day use. But I'm thinking of getting a bigger one for when I'm travelling.
  10. I had this, too but I sold it because I'm not in the mono anymore but it's a great wallet. I still have my epi compact wallet which I really love. They are expensive but they have such a great quality!
  11. I have a ludlow and it's a great piece. It seems LV wallets are just as well made as their purses. I also like how they have wallets in different sizes and for different uses.
  12. Using a ludlow (with the assistance of a cles to store extra cards as well), and love the smell of the vernis every time I open it. :love: