LV wallet!

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  1. I love this wallet!Your opinion?

  2. It is a lovely wallet .... very girly ;)
  3. authenticity questions should be posted in the authenticate this thread.
    i think im right in saying this one is fake
  4. Fake. 100% positive.
  5. Yes fake for sure. I do like the authentic CB items though!
  6. Like previously mentioned it's a fake.
    But yea real ones are really cute.
    They pop up on Let-trade alot, if your interested in buying one.
  7. The authentic version is cool, the fake is not!
  8. Ahh, I'm glad you girls have thought this too, it was my first impression of it. Keep searching, ILB, real ones are out there! :tup:
  9. :yucky: its fake !
  10. Wow, I'm really learning some things on this forum! Thanks to all you guys I thought it was a fake too when I saw it
  11. Mhm, that's a fake. But the real ones are very cute, if you can find yourself one!
  12. Yeah like everyone is stating that one is 100% FAKE. :yucky:

    However, if you look at the AUTHENTIC Cherry Blossom items they are very rare and beautiful.

    Click the following link below and it will take you to a thread that shows nothing but authentic Cherry Blossom items.

    ---------> Cherry Blossom Club <---------
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.