LV Wallet Suggestions? (Current thought - French Purse)

  1. Hello's been a bit slow from me as work has successfully consumed my life...:sad:

    I've been wanting to pick up a lil LV lovin' but had a bit of trouble...the new vernis cosmetic bags are gorgeous (but not quite practical for my needs). As much as i'd love to get a new purse I already get enough flack over my trevi (now officially labelled as "the girl with the lv bag" :cursing:) so i was thinking of picking up a wallet.

    I know that the french purse is pretty classic and should be able to hold for many years to come...the only drawback is that if i'm carrying a smaller purse the french purse will be far too bulky to fit in. Here are my thoughts on the 3 lines I was considering:

    Mono - I don't own a mono piece yet, and you can't get much more classic than the mono french

    Ebene - Personally, I think the wallet (judging from elux pics) looks a tad more elegant and understated in ebene when compared to mono

    Azur - Seems like it'd be a fun choice...but a lil more susceptible to dirt and less elegant than the other two choices.

    So my questions are:
    1. What wallet would you suggest (max price $650)?
    2. If I went with a French Purse which line would you choose btwn Mono, Ebene and Azur?

  2. I would say mono french purse! I bought it a couple months ago and I love it. It's so classic and I also prefer it over the french purse in damier though I am a damier lover! I know what you mean about it being to bulky for a small purse.. it's annoying sometimes but if you carry a large purse more often than not you'll be happy with your purchase! And you can always get another little LV accessory/wallet to keep in your small purses later on down the road! good luck!
  3. I too would stick with the French purse in Monogram Canvas... it's a classic and would look great after many years of usage and love.
  4. I'll vote for Ebene
  5. hmmm, good thoughts. Any other wallet styles that you would suggest?
  6. i'd go for azur... i don't know why but i can't really stand the mono wallets for some reason...
  7. oh and i meant to attach these earlier (although i think most ppl are familiar with the styles)
    mono.jpg ebene.jpg azur.jpg
  8. Hi,

    I have the monogrm canvas compact zippé with removabl ID-Holder and I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.... really, you get so much stuff inside..... okay it's a little big and probably not a classical women's wallet but it is a perfect match for you if you have a lot of cards that are in use every day..... and I do know especially a lot of girls that stuff their wallets with pics and what not.... and this one is perfect for that..... But I'm not sure whether it's in other styles available....
    For your french purse I definitley would say mono.... but I also prefer damier.... which is obviously not in your style suggestion.... Too bad.... I have everything in damier and mono because they match perfect together.... if you take azur, it's going to be hard to find another LV style that matches to that, I'd actually say only azur..... because I know a girl that buys them how she likes it, not thinking about matching together.... and sometimes it does not look so good, like damier and azur..... almost similiar put together a disaster... If you ask me.... :smile:
    Oh, and I do not like ebony,...... don't really know why.... just not my style... *g*:sad:#
    Hope I could be of help.... :smile:

  9. I am sorry I just made a big mistake.... I was thinking in a total different way of what ebony was..... PLEASE FORGIVE ME.... when I say damier, I mean ebony...... Hope you guys get that.... I'm sooooooooooooooooo sorry.....:crybaby:
  10. I think you'll love the french purse! It holds TONS & get it in mono. Mono goes with everything.
  11. Will you consider Vernis? Pomme is yummy, amarante is elegant and violette is so refreshing... ;)
  12. I have the french purse in ebene and i def recommend you to buy it! It does look more elegant than the other lines you mentioned IMO.

    Good luck on your purchase!
  13. I have the French Purse in Damier and I love it! It is such a classic and understated, yet pretty! The gold hardware on the FP really make this wallet elegant. Looks aside, the FP is so easy to use with a huge coin compartment and enough card slots and pockets for little papers you may carry. I know what you mean about it being bulky, but I don't even switch wallets when I use a pochette -- it fits fine!
  14. I prefer the french purse in mono (which I have). It's just so much prettier in this pattern and classic.
  15. I prefer it in mono too!