lv wallet or other?

  1. what do you think? i could use an lv wallet, or buy a different wallet and put the money towards an lv bag. actually, wallets and small items of lv AND bags, or more bags, fewer small lv items??? THANKS!
  2. How many wallet do you have now???
    I know some wallet cost almost as much as a bag..
  3. i'm deciding on one... i could buy an lv, or i could buy another one and put the saved $ towards a bag...
  4. Some people here actually use a small agenda as a wallet substitute, and that would be cheaper than an actual can get filofax inserts to hold cc's and change
  5. If you don't already have an lv wallet, I would pick one that could go in many different styles of bags. That way you could use one wallet that is lv and spend the rest of your $$$ on lv bags. I have the mono pti and I use it in all my bags, even my multicolor bag. I probably won't buy another lv wallet, since they really are expensive for such a small item. Or, if you're looking for something to stash your money and credit cards in, why not consider a wapity? That way you could use it for a wristlet when you don't want to carry your big bag. I love my mono wapity. In fact, it's my most used lv item. Either way, have fun deciding!
  6. More bags! I've been debating this too -- I've pretty much decided that I'd rather put the $$$ towards another LV bag.
  7. i've been buying small mono items- mini pochette (i love it- just got it) and a new agenda (haven't received it yet). i really like my small items. i was considering buying a coach wristlet and agenda instead of lv, but i just really liked these ones more! i don't think i would have been as happy with the coach... and would have bought lv down the road anyway. the agenda as a wallet is a good idea- two in one.
  8. Go for the wallet. I am biased though as I almost always have my wallet match my bag.
  9. An LV wallet doesn't have to be almost as expensive as an LV bag if you're willing to get one of the smaller wallets or even a men's billfold. It's the fancy girly ones like the PTI and the Koala that cost nearly as much as a bag. A plain billfold will only run you $250-$300. I have the Porte Billets Carte Bleue. I only paid $250 for it.
  10. I think you should buy another wallet if your limited in funds... I bought a french purse used it for less than 1 year and is now sick of it. So if your like me, I say don't bother with an LV wallet!
  11. SNAP!! I keep saying I'll get one but can never bring myself to do it
  12. i'd say get the LV wallet, i have a black mc koala wallet, and I LOVE it~~i can see myself using it for many years.......^^
    i always get sick of my bags real quick but never small items...especially LVs, they are just toooo cute to pass!!!!
  13. I'll say get a LV wallet. At least one:sweatdrop: which you can use with all your bags:smile:
  14. I want a wallet, but need to save up since they´re pretty expensive, you could get a pochette for the price of one!
  15. I'd really rather get a bag...