LV wallet or Marc Jacobs? Honest Opinions, please!


Which Wallet?

  1. Whiskey Marc Jacobs Quilted Zip Clutch

  2. Black Vernis Louis Vuitton Porte-Tresor International

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  1. I went on a wallet binge and there is definitely no way I can keep both! Help my (financial) wallet out (and the sanity of my marriage!) - let me know what your preference is! I know this is the LV forum, so you might be a little biased! But the problem is, I :heart: both of them!

    (Ignore my nailpolish - I am due for a manicure tonight!)



  2. I like the Marc Jacobs better, both in color and style. :love: My sister has one in black and she loves hers.
  3. I voted for the LV because I personally don't like quilted anything. And for me, the two front buckle-things just seem too much for a wallet. But it's whatever you think functions best for you!
  4. that isnt black vernis.. the matt pti.

    Not a fan of the matt, so i'd go for the mj wallet.. or wait for the new vernis color that is very dark that is out in june.
  5. I'd stick with the LV one, the MJ one isn't really a wallet. With the LV one, you'd be more organized with all the card holders and pockets. Good luck with your decision! :biggrin:
  6. Althought the LV wallet is more organized, in terms of 'cuteness', I vote for the MJ wallet :yes:

    WHERE DID YOU FIND ONE!??????????????????? please!
  8. Like the look of the MJ way better, not sure of the inside, seems as the LV is more organized...
  9. IMO, that have little hands, I prefer MJ, it's all near... and more soft, IMO more stuffable!
  10. Usually I pick MJ over LV, but the LV wallet looks better and might be more functional...
  11. I love the MJ and would prefer it over the LV. But like juicy couture jen said, the LV would be more practical because of the card holders, etc. Keep them both! :p
  12. You're right Bag Fetish - it's the Mat. I got all mixed up with what is currently on the Elux site!
  13. I prefer the LV because it has cleaner lines than the MJ.
  14. I prefer the MJ because it can function both as a wallet and as a clutch.
  15. I dont like "matchy-matchy" wallet and bag combos. Id go with Marc;Besides, he's kida like Louis Vuitton too, right?