LV wallet or Hermès scarf?

  1. I have a little money that I just have to use :yes:
    I'd like either another Hermès scarf or a LV wallet. - I'm liking the Eugènie wallet in epi leather (the "white" one) :nuts:

    What do you think I should get?:confused1: :shrugs:
  2. Nice dilemma to have! I'd love them both. :smile: But you will pull your wallet out of your purse every day to use it. So a wallet is more practical. Not to mention, you've chosen a beautiful wallet.... And Louis is always with you, no matter the purse you're carrying that day. The scarf would just be 'part-time'... JMO
  3. Definitely the wallet, I just find it so much more useful because it rarely gets changed (and those that change it often - you guys are crazy !)
  4. since u already own an Hermes scarf, i'd suggest u get the LV wallet (it's G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!) this time! & u can always buy another Hermes scarf later on.... ;)
  5. LV Wallet! I soo want one too.. T_T
  6. I'd choose the wallet.
    I love Hermes scarves, but I just don't ever use scarves.
  7. That's a tough one... I kind of have the same dilemma because I'm trying to choose between a LV bag and my first Hermes scarf...but since you already have a scarf I would go for the wallet....unless it's a really really beautiful scarf that will be gone from stores soon. Doesn't really help but I tried!
  8. I LOVE the the Eugènie wallet. You willl use it every day
  9. Thanks everybody!! You all have convinced me! I'll get the walllet!! And I'll get it soon :yahoo:
    I'll def. post pics as soon as I get it!!
    Thansk for the help! :tup::nuts::okay:
  10. You made a great choice, can't wait to see pictures of ur wallet.
  11. def. the wallet...i could never spend so much on a scarf! jmho
  12. You will get more use out of the wallet.
  13. definately a wallet. you could even get a bag for the price of the eugenie wallet.
  14. I'd take a breath from the scarves and squeeze in a wallet if you need one, then back to the scarves LOL thats exactally where I'm at too! Just bought the Amarante French purse and will be looking for the hermes scarves next month.
  15. Great choice! Can't wait to see pics!