LV Wallet Help..


Feb 10, 2006
This past Sunday I went to LV and bought myself a multicolor pochette porte monnaie. When I got home and unwrapped it I realized that there was a dark grey colored mark and quite a bit of gooey stuff on it. :evil: The soonest I can get back to LV is probably next week Saturday, possibly Wednesday. Im not even sure if I want to exchange it for the same thing, as im so indecisive.. But when I finally get there I dont want them to tell me I cant return it because it has marks on it and whatnot. Will calling beforehand make a difference? This is just driving me crazy. Pictures are below.


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I would probably give them a call(do you remember who your SA was) and let them know what is going on. That way you can say you called, this was the problem, this is who you spoke with etc, when you finally get back there. That is awful when you are so excited about your new purchase and there is something wrong with it and you can't even use it. I would be going crazy!! Good luck, I hope you don't have any problems.
I would call them ASAP too. If you keep it for a week or two and then try and return it they are probably going to think that you accidentially got it dirty and are trying to exchange for a new one. Make sure you get the name of the person you speak to.
Oh wow, I was surprised to see this back on the first page. Anyway, I called LV and talked to my SA who told me to bring it back to her. Several days later when I went back, she was not there, but I was able to return the wallet after the store manager had a look at it. But instead of exchanging it for the same thing I ended up getting a Popincourt Haut. :biggrin:

I hope nobody else has this problem, and if you do, you should call and talk to your SA as soon as you find something wrong. That way if your SA isnt there when you return, you can say that you did call, especially if you cant get there immediately.