lv wallet for under 200 euros??

  1. Hello
    At my last visit at the lv store I've heard a lv SA said to a woman : "1?? euros please."
    as she have to paid. I don't know that lv has wallets for under 200 euros. can someone show me the pieces of wallets which costs under 200 ?

    thanks a lot for your help :flowers:
  2. Isn't there a wallet called the Hudson or the Ludlow or something? I feel like I was looking at a wallet that was pretty cheap in the vernis line...
  3. Did she buy a wallet or was it just a small accessory? Maybe you can check the LV French website as their prices are listed in euros
  4. ludlow in ebene and mono costs 182 euros. is there the same in azur? is the ludlow the cheapest?
  5. I think it was a little wallet. like on the pic.
  6. Theres the Mono Zippy Coin Purse too -- its 275 US which is less than 200 euros, its 187 euros on LV France
  7. I would imagine a cles is less than 200 Euros. You can definitely stash some cash, credit cards, and ID in a cles. It also has a chain for attaching keys or hooking to your bag.
  8. I could be the new zippy coin purse, like a small version of zippy wallet.
  9. There are a couple of small LV wallets that are less than 200 Euro. The Ludlow does not come in Azur btw.
  10. check out --> france, it shows the prices in euros. (go to catalogue)