LV wallet for daddy

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  1. I'm looking for a LV wallet for my dad's birthday. :love: Dad is in his mid 50s and work in advertisement. He always ended up using those wallets (ie. Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren) that his clients gave him as gifts. I know he's semi-fascinated with LV so I want to get him his own LV wallet for a change. Plus I think he really deserves one! ;)

    I think the monogram might be too "gay" for him since I always associate monogram as feminine. What about damier? Do you guys think it looks too "old man"? I don't want dad to look any older. :lol: Maybe epi? Love the tough leather and the texture! Now I'm thinking what colors: black, brown, or blue. Any opinions? Should I get damier or epi and in what colors? What about engraving it with his initials?
  2. HAHA!!! I got my dad a monogram one for Father's Day last year, and he took it back and got this one...


    Oh well at least my sweet dad has something that says LV on it!

    I'm thinking of getting him the valet keyring this year.

  3. What was his reason for taking it back? :lol: Ooohh.. I forgot this material too. It's quite nice! Is that black or brown? My computer screen is making me color-blind here.
  4. I think the one in the pic may be brown, he got black. He thought the "Little flowery things" on the monogram were not masculine. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I love my dad!!!!
  5. Is that the taiga leather? I love that style :biggrin: The damier is nice, I prefer the taiga for men though. I guess it depends on his overall look, some guys would probably look good with a damier wallet.
  6. Ha ha... our dads all want to be "macho"!! :lol:

    The valet key ring is really nice!!
  7. I love the valet key ring, I may get one for myself, I never thought about it but one day I asked my dad why he always has these little cheapy valet key rings, he said his best friend (a cop) told him that some valets will actually make an impression of your key and go through your car looking for something with your address on it. I know I used to leave bills in my car, or junk mail, but even junk mail has your address on it. I always valet park at the mall because if you eat at the Cheesecake Factory you get free valet parking, so I will valet park, go shopping and then just go get a $3 smoothie at CF and get free valet parking, and at my mall $3 is worth it !!!!
  8. Ya, I heard of that about shady valet trying to rob your house. What has the world become?? Free valet parking just by purchasing a smoothie!! Smart!
  9. My dad is using a taiga long wallet... I really like it. It looks so classy. I think the black epi is also maculine.... classy,too.
  10. the taiga is really nice, yup.
  11. I bought my husband an epi compact in black. It is very masculin and he likes it very much.
  12. I really like the Taiga, Utah and Nomade lines for men.. it's really a lot more understated than the monograms, and very nice wallets. Damier I don't think is as nice, especially since guys have all these lovely leather wallets to choose from !

    I'm getting the 9 credit card billfold for my brother though.. he actually likes the monograms, and hey, for 175 euro, can't go wrong !
  13. My husband and I also bought my dad the exact same Taiga wallet in black. We liked it for the same reason, understated, lasting and functional. But it had been sitting in his drawer for 1 year. He said it was too small for him He told my husband to use it. So, my husband's been using it for a year now and it looks just as new as when he got it and I think there's enough compartments for everything. He always sits w/the wallet in his back pocket and it takes the abuse pretty well.
  14. I like Taiga best for men. I got my BF a wallet years ago and he loves it! He had a damier, but I sold it on ebay!
  15. Ok, I'm going to check out the Epi and Taiga wallets then! Looks like majority of the men like these 2 styles. Thanks ladies!!